About us - travSIM company

Here at travSIM, YOU as the CUSTOMER are in the centre of everything.

We spell YOU big for a reason! Customer support and satisfaction are of uttermost importance to us. We want to engage with YOU and hear from YOU on how we can improve our services to offer better packages. We want to ensure that you enjoy using your SIMs, worry free and recommend us to everyone you know. Our services are all about making your travel more convenient. We want to hear from YOU! Please contact us here and give us feedback..

travSIM GmbH is based in Germany and aims to tackle expensive roaming charges, expensive cost for calling, SMSing and expensive cost for using data in a foreign country.

We offer a service to every traveler whether for leisure, work or study to get an affordable SIM including the options of voice, SMS and data bundles for the country of travel, before leaving the home country.

Most important: You stay connected with the best possible tariff, no matter where in the world. You can choose from many options to customize the deal. Options range from data, SMS, local and international call minutes or simply get credit loaded on the SIM card to suit your need. With the help of our partners DHL and UPS, we ship virtually anywhere in the world for FREE.

Research has found that most people don’t use there cell phones, smartphones or tablets in a foreign country or switch off the data or network connection. But why is that so?It's because of the fear of high calling prices and inscrutable roaming charges. We take that fear away by offering a worry free package that gives the customer complete cost control and no roaming costs. Offering very affordable options and tariffs to call, SMS and use data in the country of travel will be attractive to any traveler.

Our mission is to give any traveler in the world the best package to stay connected to family, friends and work no matter where, for the best possible price.

  • To become the best and biggest distributor of international SIM cards world wide.
  • offering the best data and voice deals in the biggest travel destinations wordwide
  • To help people save money on roaming fees no matter where they are from.
  • Extend our network of resellers and partners worldwide.

We want to hear from you!! Contact us now. 

Marcel Scheifhacken
CEO of travSIM GmbH